Mike Davies to design Power Switching Circuits for UKAEA

UKAEA at Culham Laboratories has given Mike Davies Electronics the contract to design Power Control & Switching units for currents up to 1500 Amps. Using solid state IGBT switch modules, one unit will maintain constant current, whilst the other will generate current pulses of a few milliseconds duration. Mike is working closely on this project with M & D Electronics, who will be assembling and cabling the units. M & D is a local subcontract assembly company, which has done a lot of work for Culham, Rutherford & Harwell Laboratories.

Mike Davies Electronics to design new Water Flow meter

Nixon Flowmeters, a leading manufacturer of liquid flow monitoring and control equipment, has chosen Mike Davies Electronics to design a new microprocessor based water flow meter for their high sensitivity probes. The microprocessor will enable the measurements to be converted from pulses per seconds (as on previous instruments) to be displayed directly as flow rate. Mike Davies Electronics has also been arranging the manufacture of production units for Nixon Flowmeters.

Laser scanner designed by Mike Davies Electronics

ES Technology of Kingston Bagpuize in Oxfordshire, a leading manufacturer of Laser Engraving & Etching equipment, has chosen Mike Davies Electronics to design the circuits for their latest unit to drive their galvonometric motors for the beam scanning mirrors. This will enable them to manufacture their own unit in the UK, and give faster servicing time as repairs can be done 'in-house'.


Mike @ `MikeDaviesElectronics.co.uk


Penlon turns to Mike Davies Electronics for Heater Control design

Penlon Ltd, manufacturers of Patient Ventilators asked Mike Davies to design & build heater control circuits for their ventilators, to avoid moisture building up inside them. Mike Davies has also arranged the production of the units, and individually tested all units supplied.


Meta turn to Mike Davies to miniaturise new camera design.

Meta  Vision Systems Ltd is a leading manufacturer of laser vision systems for welding applications worldwide. When they wanted to squeeze all the external electronics to inside their latest camera unit, they came to Mike Davies to do it.

The circuit comprises a microprocessor, 2 DC-DC converters and interface circuits which Mike squeezed onto 3 sections of printed circuit connected by flexible sections of the printed circuit. The completed board is then folded around the inside of the case to fit onto the camera and external connectors.

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