Welcome to Mike Davies Electronics of Oxfordshire

Mike Davies is an Electronic Design Engineer who specialises in control and instrumentation.

Most businesses can't afford to keep 'all of the experts all of the time', but they can have 'one of the experts some of the time’.

Mike Davies works with companies who, from time to time, need an experienced electronics specialist who can manage complete projects or work as part of an existing team.

Versatility is the Key

For example, for Norville Ltd, Mike Davies managed the complete design and manufacture of an instrument for measuring the optical parameters of spectacle lenses during manufacture. For another of his clients PFE Ltd, he designed specialist high voltage driver circuits used in the development of their large flat TV screens, whilst working with their in house design team.


With a degree in Electronics Engineering from Brunel University, he has worked as a Design Engineer for over 20 years and since 1986 has been running his own sucessful business. He is a member of the IEE and continues to update his technical knowledge by reading, attending professional courses and by accessing information over the Internet.


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