Like the old Staticheck static checker but with peak hold.

These anti-static static testers & anti-static static meters show high static voltages up to 10 or 20 Kv (KiloVolts).

Touch plate static voltmeters or dual probe DC Kilo-Volt meter, a hand held digital DC Kilovolt meter or wall mounted touch to measure meter.

Available as LED, with a Pseudo-logarithmic graphic LED display, with peak hold shown similar to audio VU meters.

Welcome to Mike Davies Electronics of Oxfordshire

Mike Davies is an Electronic Design Engineer who specialises in control and instrumentation.

Most businesses can't afford to keep “all of the experts all of the time”, but they can have “one of the experts some of the time”.

Mike Davies works with companies who, from time to time, need an experienced electronics specialist who can manage complete projects or work as part of an existing team.

Versatility is the Key

For example, for Nixon Flowmeters Ltd, Mike Davies managed the complete design and manufacture of an instrument for measuring water flow rate in open channels and physical test basins.  For another of his clients Torin Sifan Ltd, he designed specialist driver circuits and wrote the microprocessor software for their brushless DC & AC fan motors, whilst working with their in house design team.


With a degree in Electronics Engineering from Brunel University, he has worked as a Design Engineer and has been running his own successful business for over 30 years. He continues to update his technical knowledge by reading, attending professional courses and by accessing information over the Internet.

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Anti-Static Kilo-Volt Testers & Meters with Peak Hold

Mike Davies Electronics, has introduced a range of DavieStat simple, easy-to-use testers that indicate the static voltage present on a person or item.

A unique feature of the DavieStat Static Meters is the Peak Hold function which indicates the highest reading for an adjustable hold time.

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